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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Tee is removed from the room!LIVE from Balticon 42!

With special guests Sudden Death (also of Manic Mondays, one of my favorite podcasts) and Rob Balder from The FuMP and lots of live Twitter commentary. Matt Wallace reads more Silver Bullet facts.

Mur drinks water with olives.

Tee Morris is forcibly removed from the room (see pic) by Matt Wallace.

Thanks to everyone for the awesome participation, it was a lot of fun!

For the record there has been some scandal regarding a question I was asked about my favorite pie. In the past i’ve said strawberry rhubarb, and apparently I disappointed some people by saying key lime. I had just seen a key lime in the grocery store and it was on my mind…

Yeah, I say it’s #11, but really, it’s #12. Live from RavenCon ‘08 with John Cmar, Laura Burns, Joe Komenda, Stuart Jaffe and Tom Gideon! We talk PUPPIES and dishwashers. There has been alcohol involved.

We missed you, Jason!

Jason and I get together for some gin and some twitter talk.

This is so freaking late it’s sad. I am not even going to give the excuses, cause they’re not interesting ones. We recorded this late January. I have no shame.

This was not our best show.

#11 will go up later today.

This is so late it’s almost laughable.

No. It is laughable.

Soon after this was recorded, I went to Buffalo for Xmas, got sick, and then the website went down. Pathetic, I know. But here is your Christmas Geek Fu!

Music: If You Didn’t Get Me Before, Why Did You Get Me Anything For Christmas? by SNMNMNM

We have some sad news, we talk Christmas and Adam Sandler, and are joined by coworker Carol Housel-Kenney. Grant’s Advent Calendar was mentioned. We have lunch in the middle. Then we have some more sad news.

Music by permission of Jody Whitesides - go buy his awesome music!

TMBG Setlist

Jason and I do an ON THE ROAD cast and let you hear not one, but TWO awesome geeky songs. Jason also has awesome flickr pics of our new office. I talk about my new podiobook, but Jason has much more exciting news.

Music: Playing for Keeps by Beatnik Turtle and OK, Let’s Take This Outside by Oppenheimer

We podcast from the beach! And yes, I’m VERY LATE in getting edits up! And no, we never did an after dark episode.

Song: I Crush Everything by Jonathan Coulton

He's so dreamySorry for the delay - had issues with my computer, and then a vacation. Expect 006 shortly!

We go forward in time to discuss Heroes (no spoilers) and back in time to discuss Twitter. We talk new fiction from The Daughters of Freya writers, and play ScrewU by Throwing Toasters.

This week: PNME.

Mur recording We have new theme music thanks to Beatnik Turtle. The theme: Better Things Coming!

Jason has a cyst-hole! Hear graphic details about it at Random Signal. Jason’s Flickr pics.

Jason’s superhero DragonCon film. (And while we’re at it, the Throwing Toasters concert)

Jason and I will be at PNME - come ask us for Go Eagle Go! stickers.

Mur will be speaking at: PNME, the NC Writer’s Network Conference, and, probably a UU church in Boise.

Jason recordingHappy Podiversary to Sam Chupp of the Bear’s Grove podcast.

Jason and Mur get ideas from Twitter…

And one more song by Carla Ulbrich! Cause I love A Name Is A Name Is A Name so much… next week will have a new funny artist!

Jason and I return with DragonCon reports, and music from Carla Ulbrich!

This is not a reawakening, this is more of a “remember me?” I wanted to put something out on the feed before DragonCon, so Jason and I got together to record the Geek Fu Morning show. And soon: the podcast of Playing for Keeps!

Random Signal #51
German SF site, Podyssey
This Day in Alternate History
Lulu Radio

Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of email I’ve received. I will answer them all, it must may take me a while. Several questions have come through, though, and I wanted to address them here.

1) Will you stop doing Murcaching?

Nope. I stopped Geek Fu because I didn’t have the time or energy to put into it: Murcaching doesn’t take as much of either.

2) Why can’t I comment here?

Now that I honestly don’t know. Some were able to comment. Some weren’t. Sorry about that, I don’t know what’s going on.

Of course, when I planned on writing this, I had more stuff in mind to write, but now I am blank. Thanks again to everyone, and I’m doing OK, really.

Thank you.


I Should Be Writing

Heaven Season Three: Earth

Knights of the Dinner Table

Wingin’ It

Have Games Will Travel


THREE, count ‘em, THREE promos for EARTH: - -

I am back from Balticon where I hung out with my tribe. Matt Selznick’s blog, Matt Wallace’s blog.

I will be at Origins in the first week of July. Columbus, here I come!

Mur’s Bitch shirt now available for purchase! Use coupon code “geekfu”.

Earth launches June 23! Yes. This Saturday. Eeek. It will be on Podiobooks.

Neil Gorman has a science blog called GrokBrain.

Murcaching report.

Parsec Awards are upon us again.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing promo

Guest essay: In Defense of a Chaotic Good Lifestyle by magpie killjoy from Steampunk Magazine

Wandering Geek podcast promo

Personal message to Paul McLean

Check out Lulu Radio if you like…


Go Eagle Go!

With over 140 (!) of you participating in Murchaching, my friend and bitch Chris Miller set up an awesome map to follow the lunchboxen on their journeys. Check it out!

Guest host J.C. Hutchins sat down with Mur at Balticon41 and interviewed her. The sound limitations of the iRiver caused a bit of a hiss, but it’s a lot of fun.

Balticon Images

Geek Fu 100 live from Balticon I’ll do show notes later, but thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the podcast to make it awesome.