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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Every time I hear about a new number, it’s already outdated. This morning it was 63,000 dead according to NPR, now we’re up to 80,000.

Eighty thousand. Holy shit. I can’t even comprehend that many dead.

Please help. Here are easy ways for you to give a hand:

American Red Cross (through - or call 1-800-HELP-NOW)
Direct Relief International (including item donation)
Unicef (site down when I tried it, but hopefully that’s because so many people have deluged it with donations)
World Vision

If you don’t like giving money over the web, each of these sites will have information about how you can donate through the mail or phone.

Eighty Thousand. Christ. The survivors need help, and fast. Please do what you can.


OK, the podcast works now. The person who spent six years in web design had the link wrong.

Some days you’re the bird, some days you’re the statue, and some days you’re the goddamned fool who lost the map of the park.

Dude, this podcast took three attempts to record. I learned a lot about Audacity. I learned a lot about sound. I learned that I still get frustrated easily. I learned that my laptop’s fan is really freaking loud. And I learned how to make Adam Curry sound like he had a cold and Dave Slusher sound like one of the Chipmunks. Not to mention me sounding like I’d taken testosterone shots (hint, it’s in the sample rate.)

But it’s all fixed and shiny for you to listen to. No one sounds freaky at all. I hope all had a good holiday season, and you’re getting your liver all ready for the upcoming New Year’s Holiday.

Next week - the homoerotic mating dance of the frat boy. Fear this podcast.

(and yes, I went slightly over 11 minutes again. Dammit.)

Links, like you need them:
Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
Dave Slusher’s Evil Genius Chronicles

Ha! I made it to Podcast the Second! I took an essay published a couple of years ago in Grumble Magazine and had my husband, Jim Van Verth, help me out with it. The topic is geek crushes, and why the ladies love those skinny guys with glasses.

People who I didn’t mention in my podcast, as I hoped to keep it under 10 minutes (it’s a little over 11, so sue me):

  • John Linnell of They Might Be Giants and his hysterical, brilliant songs, not to mention his beautiful bedroom eyes
  • Neil Gaiman and his entertaining blog and fabulous stories, as well as his all-black wardrobe.
  • Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Mythbusters, because they’re so cute when they blow shit up.

Other links of interest:

Slumbering Lungfish: Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg’s (sorry, Lore, I can’t figure out how to do an umlaut) blog, which includes his Oral Sex List.
Alton because, well, you know. It’s Alton.

As I get older, I’m starting to notice my desire for materialism is actually going down (believe it or not). Now all I want for Christmas is:

A massive block of time to complete a task force on City of Heroes.
A weekend at the Grove Park Inn. (I guess that falls under materialism as it costs money, but it’s not a tangible thing)
A morning where I can lie around in bed and read.
A plug for my podcast on the Evil Genius Chronicles.

Really, most if it (except for the plug) comes down to time. Suddenly it’s precious, and I worry that I squander it when I am gifted with an unexpected chunk. (Like, say, right now, as my daughter is taking an unexpectedly long nap and i have spent the afternoon playing CoH and blogging.)

Just random thoughts, I suppose. Something else I’d like to do with podcasting is work on a radio play, and that would take writing, sound effects, acting, and editing. And oh yeah, time. Sigh.

EDIT - then again, I wouldn’t say no to this…

Car car car

Car is smelling better. It’s *still there* - or at least, I can smell it, but it’s getting better.

If anyone wants to buy me this for Christmas, I would be very amused.

Podcast the Second will be coming as soon as my husband has a spare moment to help me out, as this essay has two voices, and I am not cool enough to do them both.

And thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts about Podcast the First.

My husband rocks so damn hard. He helped me make Wordpress work.

Anyway, my Podcast the First is below. I rant about the South and the like. Adam Curry wants short podcasts, and Dave Slusher wants more Southern women blogging, so I attempt to satisfy both.

In other news, I had a pretty shitty week overall, with having a cold, having a bad reaction to some medicine, and losing a very cool freelance contract. So forgive me if I don’t talk much more. I podcast. Check it out if you have 6 minutes.

In other, other news: The car. Still. Stinks.

Told you it was a bad week.

The End

Almost a month ago, a glass half-gallon jug of milk broke in the back of my (2000-but-new-to-me) car. Unbeknownst to me, the milk trickled down to rest underneath the backseat carpet where it lay hidden and stealthy, only to announce itself four days later. I spent a full day with enzymes, carpet cleaner, Febreeze, and baking soda to take care of it. Nothing worked. I took it for professional cleaning, and that only worked somewhat well.

Keep in mind that I’ve had this car for two months. One full month of it has been smelly. I was facing several years of sour-milk car.

I finally got it professionally cleaned again, by people who also used enzyme cleaner. I have smelled nothing so far, but I worry that I’m so hyper-sensitive about detecting odors in that car that I’m going to freak out if I smell anything (like the smell of wet carpet, which is what it smells like now.)

But I think, I think that it’s over.

Now to knit fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror.