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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu Morning Show 002

Jason and I return with DragonCon reports, and music from Carla Ulbrich!


  • 1. minitotoro replies at 12th September 2007 um 9:02 am :

    Yes, Jason, I think you should yell at the beginning of each show… but only if Mur isn’t expecting it ;)

    I just had a wild and crazy thought while listening to this… y’all should try to get all the podcasters to do a costume theme one night at the next Dragon*Con. Perhaps all steampunk?

    Elevators… yeah… we made the mistake of doing that one whole time (on the way to Sigler’s party). 20 minutes to catch the thing then at the second floor it got stuck. Surprisingly none of the obvious comments were made. I think all the guys in there were happy to get stuck next to three women wearing… well, I’m not sure what their costume was - looked like lingerie models to me. The person next to the door eventually figured out how to pry it open. From then on it was stairs… no matter how sticky.

    Good show overall, and I love the Carla song at the end. :)

  • 2. Kevin Bachelder replies at 13th September 2007 um 8:30 am :

    These Geek Fu Morning shows are a lot of fun to listen to. I hope you and Jason keep doing them!

    I agree with you that how you approach Dragon*Con changes the more often you go. For me it used to be all about what panels and sessions I wanted to attend and now it’s more about where will my friends be going so that several of us can all go somewhere together. Tons of fun either way.

    While I also don’t wait in as many of those long celebrity panel lines as I used to for me it’s now usually a Firefly or Farscape panel so it’s a great chance to network and find out who listens to the podcasts and if they don’t I can give them a business card or a sampler CD. Always pimping the casts!

    Thanks Mur and Jason!

  • 3. Ragnar replies at 13th September 2007 um 1:22 pm :

    woohoo! I got Fu!

    Thanks for the show.


  • 4. Bill replies at 13th September 2007 um 2:27 pm :

    So where/when can we learn more about The Takeover? Will it be audio or a vidcast? Will there be a new feed? Its sounds yummy … yummy like brains … oooo brains…

  • 5. Cmaaarrr!!! replies at 13th September 2007 um 8:44 pm :

    No, I think Jason need not yell at the beginning of each episode, although that could lead into Mur doing a Geek Fu strike on him to start the show… the radio-announcer “count-up” (heh) is goofily endearing.

    I like the dynamic - it clearly gives the new iteration it’s own identity, but still feels like Geek Fu.

    As to D*C, all I’ll say is that I agree, and that I was one of loony people who did the stairs in the Hyatt from ground to 19 more than once to dodge the abyss of the elevators. I’m still not convinced that was wise. I think I need… an exercise regimen. Hmmm… needs a snappy name…

    Excellent job!

    I suspect we’ll be hearing tales of Jason’s cyst-hole next episode…

  • 6. BrandtPileggiIsAwesome replies at 14th December 2007 um 12:47 pm :

    Sick! I heard my name on a Geek Fu! Suck that everyone not me!

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