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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu Morning Show 003

Mur recording We have new theme music thanks to Beatnik Turtle. The theme: Better Things Coming!

Jason has a cyst-hole! Hear graphic details about it at Random Signal. Jason’s Flickr pics.

Jason’s superhero DragonCon film. (And while we’re at it, the Throwing Toasters concert)

Jason and I will be at PNME - come ask us for Go Eagle Go! stickers.

Mur will be speaking at: PNME, the NC Writer’s Network Conference, and, probably a UU church in Boise.

Jason recordingHappy Podiversary to Sam Chupp of the Bear’s Grove podcast.

Jason and Mur get ideas from Twitter…

And one more song by Carla Ulbrich! Cause I love A Name Is A Name Is A Name so much… next week will have a new funny artist!


  • 1. Tim from California replies at 25th September 2007 um 7:47 am :

    Golden Age’s Green Lantern’s Weaknesses and Limitations.

    I listen to morning show in the morning on my way to work, and I actually shouted “no, no, no” during your discussion about green lantern and what can harm him; much to the consternation of the passengers around me on the train…

    It is not the processed material vs. natural materials, but that the green lantern’s power (as derivied from the starheart) was ineffective against any kind of wood.
    Items made of wood could not be affected by energy from the ring made from the original green lantern (The backstory is that Scott found a green lantern made of a metorite and fashioned a ring from the lantern to give him the power, hence the name).

    So a rock can be affected by the energy, a wooden arrow would not be. If I made an arrow entirely of wood and shot it at green lantern, he’d better duck quick. Just like when batman made an arrow of kryptonite and shot it at superman.

    Wow, I just reread that, it’s like the uber-geek just came out… maybe that’s part of your super-powers: Bring out the uber-geekness in people

  • 2. snorglepicklebunslap replies at 7th October 2007 um 8:25 am :

    This episode will NOT download via Juice. I had to manually download it. I don’t know what’s up with the feed, but this episode ain’t workin’ that way.

  • 3. grailwolf replies at 10th October 2007 um 9:47 pm :

    Totally unable to get this one. Even downloading manually I end up with a broken file. :(

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