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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu Morning Show 004

We go forward in time to discuss Heroes (no spoilers) and back in time to discuss Twitter. We talk new fiction from The Daughters of Freya writers, and play ScrewU by Throwing Toasters.

This week: PNME.


  • 1. CarrieP replies at 27th September 2007 um 5:10 am :

    Mur, you little minx! You’ve up and resurrected Geek Fu, albeit in a different form, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. And we didn’t know until my husband checked his feed and saw FOUR episodes! Dude!

    I’m quite glad he didn’t unsubscribe, but now I’ve got to catch up…

  • 2. Marc replies at 27th September 2007 um 7:17 am :

    Regarding Robert Culp: He was the FBI agent in The Greatest American Hero!!! I think that gives him a certain amount of geek cred… I don’t know that the similarity is all that close (although he does have a prominent chin) but he’s definitely old enough to be Bruce Campbell’s dad.

  • 3. CarrieP replies at 28th September 2007 um 9:22 am :


    scar cast is an awesome idea! I’ll have to pick my best scar story for you (I have three right now, and I just sliced my finger cutting bread so I’m waiting on that scar to develop).

  • 4. Leon Kensington replies at 30th September 2007 um 8:02 pm :

    Ideas for vamping:

    Should men shave their legs?

    What is the best kind of bottled water?

    What do/would you call your Ipod/other mp3 playing device?

    Who in BSG/Heroes/Lost are you most like?

    Who in BSG/Heroes/Lost would you most want to be?

    If you could have any robot or creature from any scifi or fantasy story/movie/whatever what would it be and why?

    What is your favorite color?

    Does icecream have bones?

  • 5. Doug Hagler replies at 20th October 2007 um 8:30 am :

    I’m curious about one thing mentioned during the discussion of high fantasy - what did you have in mind when you talked about authors who had improved on Tolkien? To be fair, I’m a huge Tolkien fan, but I’m not working up to a rant here. I’m just thinking “maybe I’m missing out on some amazing stuff”. I’d say that certainly the fantasy genre, and even high fantasy as a sub-genre, have moved on, but I haven’t encountered anything that is significantly better than Tolkien’s work. (Some things I’d place parallel to it, definitely.) I’ve got the advantage of being very familiar with the background of his “sub-creation”, but I’m not aware of any author who has created a fictional world that is as fully-realized…not in the sense of being detailed in the way the modern world is detailed, but rather as a rich setting for mythic/heroic storytelling.

  • 6. Brad Sinor replies at 23rd October 2007 um 9:01 am :

    Sorry guys, Robert Culp was not in Austin Powers. That was Robert Wagner. Robert Culp co stared with Bill Cosby in I-Spy back in the 1960’s. He also appeared on The greatest American Hero and played the lead role in the Harlan Elison written episode of the orginal Outer Limits , “Semon With A Glass Hand”.

  • 7. dan replies at 8th December 2007 um 8:46 am :

    gotta love robert culp references. he was also in everybody loves raymond as debra’s dad (for everyone not old enough to appreciate him in GAH)

  • 8. Phazedout replies at 25th April 2008 um 10:50 am :

    got this one to work mur and OMG
    princess cthullu.
    lovin’ it :D

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