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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu Morning Show 008

We have some sad news, we talk Christmas and Adam Sandler, and are joined by coworker Carol Housel-Kenney. Grant’s Advent Calendar was mentioned. We have lunch in the middle. Then we have some more sad news.

Music by permission of Jody Whitesides - go buy his awesome music!


  • 1. Media Districts Entertain&hellip replies at 18th December 2007 um 12:23 pm :

    […] The Geek Fu Morning Show added an interesting post on Geek Fu Morning Show 008Here’s a small excerpt […]

  • 2. Lee (iMotorAway Podcast) replies at 18th December 2007 um 1:53 pm :

    I did some drunken Karaoke on my podcast in honor of Jason and Mur. You can here “Green Lantern Tree” here –>

  • 3. Ranneko replies at 18th December 2007 um 3:47 pm :


    It seems that you happen to have only uploaded the first 8 seconds. “The Far Point Media - Powered By Podango” bit

  • 4. CharlesP replies at 19th December 2007 um 6:09 pm :

    Sorry about the job thing guys. And in honor of your pain, and the discussion, I’m listening to the Life Day song from SW Christmas Special as excerpted on MacBreak Weekly (I predict a DVD release of this sometime before long, probably right after he releases and extended cut of Ep 1 - Now with more Jar Jar).

  • 5. BrandtPileggiIsAwesome replies at 20th December 2007 um 7:34 am :

    Oh man. I just finished listening to this episode today. I cannot accurately express my feelings about it.

    But Darth Vader can

    I’m so sorry guys. It was my mini-dream to join you guys there (my major-dream being acquiring insane wealth, an import car model wife and a house made out of Faberge Eggs).

    I dreamt of a magical land of donuts and egg nog covered surfaces surrounded by cameras, scripts and smiling faces. A place filled with humerous zombies, laughing midgets and no one dies. Alas. That magic is gone now and I’ve died more than a little bit inside… Unless…

    SCREW THEM! Let’s build a newer, better, more magically awesome land than LuLu! One that dwarves LuLu and makes it cringe in our comedic shadow. One that shocks the masses leaving no garment unsoiled. We can do it! Who’s coming with me!

  • 6. carol replies at 21st December 2007 um 6:51 pm :

    oh, i really miss seeing you guys every day! thank you so much for all the good times. i’ll let you know if i come across a job posting looking for two totally rad podcasting geniuses who prefer to wear goggles and travel through time.

  • 7. Jake replies at 30th December 2007 um 9:07 pm :

    That totally blows — all of the sad news — not the randomness of the insanely creative show.

    Still really enjoying playing for keeps.
    Looking forward to the next move.

  • 8. J. Hazelip replies at 29th January 2008 um 3:28 am :

    I was on vacation when this show was released and couldn’t get it. Now, I’ve been home for weeks, and my podcatcher won’t download it at all. What gives?

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