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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu #33 - You Had Me, Then You Lost Me

My Odeo Channel (odeo/58da2acbe4a7476c) (Pay no attention to this. Stupid WP won’t recognize comment tags)

Thirty three. I mention birthday prep, congrats to the brobdingnagian bards, upcoming Dragon*Con panel, and an essay about books that I desperately tried to like, cause everyone else liked them.

If I’ve forgotten any, let me know. Some people make notes while editing that they need links, but not me! I live life on the EDGE! The edge of laziness and forgetfulness!


  • 1. J.R. Murdock replies at 24th July 2005 um 4:14 pm :

    Hey Mur,

    Happy B-Day the 32nd on the 23rd. hmm..

    Congrats on another show well done. You’ll have to post a link to tKotDT for ordering info.

    And now that you’re older, welcome to the crowd of ‘I don’t have to finish this book just because I started it’ crowd. As you said, everyone has an opinion and sometimes they stink.

    Pod on!


  • 2. J.R. Murdock replies at 24th July 2005 um 4:15 pm :

    I almost forgot….

    A while back I had asked…

    Could you post your set up for us would be podcasters?

    Also, I’ve noticed (and this is very likely because you’ve been busy) that you’ve not mentioned a word count in your novel. Any progesss?

    Pod on!


  • 3. Mur replies at 25th July 2005 um 3:39 am :


    Actually, my birthday is today, 32 on the 25th.

    And I did post my setup! I thought you’d listened to all my shows? ;) I use a MXL990 mic and a Eurorack UB802 mixer, and Audacity.

    Novel progress. It’s been slow, but it’s been there. 53,277 words

  • 4. Mur replies at 25th July 2005 um 3:41 am :

    JR - here’s the post with the info on the setup:

  • 5. Rick replies at 25th July 2005 um 6:21 am :

    Well, since World of Warcraft has lost its glow, come back to City of Heroes. The Sidekick/Exemplar feature means you’re never not able to team. (I’ll even hook you up in my Super-Group, so you’ll always have people to team with.)

    Join us… join us….

  • 6. Garen replies at 25th July 2005 um 10:39 am :

    As a lurking listener, and perhaps even a bit of a stuffy old(ish) Englishman, I have to say I’m glad to hear your view on Stange & Norrell - I struggled with it for quite a few chapters before admitting to not enjoying it as much as everyone else seemed to be. I find this happens a lot with recommendations, but I can still be tempted every now and then. While I’m here - thanks for an interesting, witty, intelligent and very listenable podcast. Keep ‘em up!

  • 7. J.R. Murdock replies at 26th July 2005 um 4:53 am :

    Gosh… you’re right. I guess I’d forgotten the specifics during the cast. Am I red? hehehe. Thank you for posting the specifics here.

    So, what are the odds you’ll podcast an excerpt from your WIP?


  • 8. Don Davis replies at 26th July 2005 um 10:51 am :

    Hey Mur,
    To comment on the essay:
    I had a similar experience (and still do to some respect) in relation to The Catcher in the Rye. Everyone I knew told me how great that novel is and that I needed to read it. When I finally did I found Holden Caulfield to be a whiney, moany, complaining little baby. I felt like shaking him and saying “grow up and get a job you little *$%#@! Perhaps reading this from the prespective of a person in his mid 30s (that’s when I read it) did not provide the proper perspective that I may have had when I was a teen but I can’t remember ever being as pissy and moany as Holden. I keep thinking I’m missing something in this book but I’ve since realized that whatever that something is I most likely don’t want it. Don’t get me started on Franny & Zoey.
    Thanks for the podcast and happy belated birthday.

  • 9. PaulJ replies at 26th July 2005 um 2:08 pm :

    Speaking as yet another stuffy English man, I too have had _Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell_ on my to-be-read pile for some time. Based on your review, I think I might like it! ;-)

  • 10. Mur replies at 26th July 2005 um 2:33 pm :

    Oh Paul, you are much less stuffy than these guys.

    And I want to let people know I have nothing against English men. I greatly enjoy your podcast, by the way. :)

  • 11. Chris Fisher replies at 27th July 2005 um 1:08 pm :

    Is this the confessional for bibliophiles who couldn’t bring themselves to finish certain classics? For me, Great Gatsby and The Brothers Karamazoff (even on tape, despite such a nice baritone reader). I finished Dr. Zhivago but wasn’t thrilled. Where was this great romance that everyone thinks was in the book? I just couldn’t care about those characters.

  • 12. PaulJ replies at 27th July 2005 um 3:17 pm :

    Thank you, Mur, for your kind words, and I’m delighted to know that you listen to The Rev Up Review!

    (That wasn’t too stuffy, was it? ;-) )

  • 13. Jeff Lamberton replies at 29th July 2005 um 10:14 pm :

    I am 30 years old. Just listened for the first time, linked from Penny Arcade. I find this to be an agreeable show. I used to listen to a game radio show over at, but over the last year it went from being a source of video game news and info, to becoming a bunch of early 20 something boys swearing on a shoutcast station. I know this is not a pure video game show type thing, like breakmanx is supposed to be, but it is a lot more mature, entertaining, and relaxing. I can have this play, and if someone else in the house hears it, I have no reason to be embaressed. The topics match the stuff I am into as well! Books, games, sci-fi, rpgs, KOTDT! I have decided that Mur Lafferty is officially “Cool”.

  • 14. CaugheyMachine replies at 5th August 2005 um 6:04 am :

    HTML comment tags don’t work in WordPress, but you might find this plugin handy:

    Hide or Cut Post Text

    Toronto’s Molar Radio Podcast

  • 15. Rich Sigfrit replies at 12th August 2005 um 8:04 am :

    congrats on the mention from Penny-Arcade a few weeks back.

  • 16. Sean Twist replies at 22nd November 2005 um 6:59 pm :

    Hey Mur,
    Another freelancer here, actually listening to your podcast while finishing a column, racing for deadline. The email thing? Got in spades. And don’t forget messing about on Wikipedia. You can blow *weeks* of productive time in there.

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