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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu #34 - Smoke and Mirrors

New format - hopefully seamless to you guys. Welcome if you’re here from the Penny Arcade link the second, I hope the site holds up better this time. Stuffy men, writing, plea for more geeky women podcasters, pictures, interviews, and more!

I always forget to mention my forums

Apologies for the previously unedited file. It’s fixed now.


more shirts Shirt the Second
Back of shirt Shirt the First
Andy Lee Art


  • 1. Daniel replies at 31st July 2005 um 8:27 pm :

    The shirts look really cool!

  • 2. Leigh replies at 31st July 2005 um 10:39 pm :

    I downloaded your podcast because I thought you were me! Well, save for the husband part. And perhaps a bit of the gaming part (it was a long vacuum between Infocom’s Leather Goddesses of Phobos and my N-gage’s Asphalt Urban GT).

    Keep on action-gripping, there’s a good geek girl. Happy birthday to you, and to your mom, and just remember that somewhere in the Philippines there is another girl geek rooting for you and your signature t-shirts.


  • 3. ryanknapper replies at 1st August 2005 um 2:16 pm :

    Regarding language: Just about any word said with the right inflections has the same connotation to that which someone may consider vulgar.
    Shoot! is the same as saying shit! If you cry out “Monkey!” or “Table!” you can have the same expression of meaning, but without saying anything you won’t want kids to say.
    Of course, the preferred expression for your quoted predicament would be to say “Gorram” ala Firefly.

  • 4. maiki replies at 2nd August 2005 um 8:32 am :

    I take care of a two year old and a three year old. When they say something “inappropiate” I ignore it unless, as you have seen, they pick up on it enough to just randomly blurt it out.

    If that is a case then I explain to them that words have different meanings depending how they are used, and that something like “what the hell” is not appropiate for a three year old. And I believe that, people are uncomfortable with such language from youngun’s. After I explain it I normally strike a deal to enforce the speech in the form of also not using the said term. If I ever get caught in the act I make sure to acknowledge their perception and commend them for helping me refine my speech patterns.

    I have yet to get a repeat of any word that has come up.

    Also, since childhood is in large part a trasmission of values, I try to teach them little quips concerning the nature of reality. If you ask them what is most important they will tell you it is “friends and family”. I think a part of children using certain words is the euphoria of retaining information, and so you can let them have all the info they want without resorting to “bad” words.

    Keep up the good work. *Goes back into the INFO-TUBE!*

  • 5. mamaloo replies at 3rd August 2005 um 3:38 pm :

    Well, I’m a geek in that I am a reader of sci-fi novels and I podcast. However, I do not podcast about sci-fi. So I’m a girl geek podcaster, I’m just not a girl geek podcaster.

    If you or anyone else is interested in checking out the podcast, you can sample my wares at

    PS, I love your show, not so much for your geekiness, because the comic book and gaming chat go way over my head, but because I like to listen to smart women. Keep up the great work!

  • 6. Joe Murphy replies at 3rd August 2005 um 6:35 pm :


  • 7. Trumane replies at 3rd August 2005 um 7:58 pm :

    SO…….when the shirts be available and where?

  • 8. DFuters replies at 4th August 2005 um 11:17 am :

    Firstly, I really enjoyed your essay . While I am more a ‘popular person’ than a geek, I do have some quite geeky interests, and for that I found your views on the subject very interesting; besides that, I thought it was really quite insightful. Not that you need me to say this, but keep up the good work!

    Secondly, your little girl is INCREDIBLY cool. She has to be the cutest toddler-cum-geek-in-training ever :D

  • 9. rants &r&hellip replies at 19th August 2005 um 5:24 pm :

    […] 005 Mur Lafferty has a podcast called Geek Fu Action Grip and in her ‘cast “Smoke and Mirrors” she talks about being a geek. In this audio essay, Mur makes several good […]

  • 10. Joey replies at 7th September 2005 um 7:15 am :

    I’ve been listening to your show for a while now (mostly catching up on old shows, though). I really enjoyed your essay in your July 31st show. When you spoke of your other motive for wearing comfortable shoes, I about fell over.

    Up until a few years ago, I carried a leatherman and a flashlight in my bookbag. My thought was that those items would be pretty handy, just in case something happened. I can’t believe I’m sharing this. What a geek!

    Anyway, great show! Thanks for putting it together.

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