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The Geek Fu Morning Show

Geek Fu 100 live from Balticon I’ll do show notes later, but thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the podcast to make it awesome.

As we edge closer to 100, we talk stuff:

Planet Earth and GO EAGLE GO!

New Segment: Personal Message to One of You

Murcaching report

Balticon is in 2 weeks!

Bumper: Tabitha Smith from Strangely Literal

Guest essay from James Parkinson: Awe vs Respect and Normalcy

Bumper: George Hrab’s music (and podcast)

Feedback and ComicSpace

Guest appearance by the kiddo!

More essays! When will the madness stop?

Bumper: Earl Newton, Stranger Things

It was Free Comic Book Day!

We have official Geek Fu, Heaven, Hell and Earth Geeklabel Shirts!

Murcaching is out of control! It’ll start soon!

I have a rant about MySpace.

There WILL be a Heaven part IV.

Bumper: Buffy Between The Lines


Bumper: Geeklabel!

New voicemail line: 206 666 3045

Yes, you heard it right, kids. The Mur essay returns this week!

BUT, first, we must discuss:

I was on Writers Talking, checking out Talkshoe

The Mur’s Bitches Flickr Group

Get your free tshirt from Geeklabel

Participate in Murcaching!

Send Stranger Things $1

I miss Joe.

New essay, originally run in Knights of the Dinner Table #106

I was on The Myth Show and View From the Quad.

Hello all!

No Heaven this week, but a guest essay about Firefly. I have made the move to Farpoint Media and therefore had to rename all the files and make sure all the ID3 tags were happy. This… took a long time. During this tedium, I discovered that three podcasts are outside the normal numbering mechanism. So in order to make the track numbers and episode numbers match up, I’ve leapt ahead in the numbering to cause this to be #67. You haven’t miss anything. Trust me.

My mom, Donna, joins me to discuss Passover, sci-fi, and she wants podcasting and sci-fi book recommendations.

Wendell sends us a Firefly essay!

More Heaven next week.

Stuff n’ things.

We catch up. A guest reads an essay. I’ll probably have better show notes when I’m less tired. But regardless, Geek Fu is back.

Actually the podcast - the essay - has to do with writer’s block. But the very first part of the podcast shows I have no shame. So vote! Vote for the boobs!

For the record, because I am paranoid in retrospect, I wish to clarify the following things: I am not saying I came up with Podcast Outlaws first. I thought it was a cool idea because it reminded me of something I wanted to do. That’s all.

I made it to 20! Yay!

This one goes long. I found out some very interesting information about someone from my past This week’s essay describes the joy of pregnancy (no, I’m not pregnant, this essay is from 2002).


The Dragon Page’s new podcast, now named Dragon Page “Winging It”, is out. Download it to hear a you-won’t-hear-anywhere-else essay by me called “Comic Book Mommy.”

You know, I listened to this today, and suddenly it seems like Last Night Mur missed the entire point of the whole Podcast Alley thing. Not only are lots of people asking for votes, which is fine, but not something I’m comfortable doing - but also they’re pissed at the people who are driving their listeners to vote one star for the podcasts above them. And yeah, calling for bad votes for your competitors is uncool, I will agree.

And just to make sure I’m clear, I am very grateful for my listeners and appreciate you guys very much. Tons, in fact. Buckets and bucketsful of appreciation.

And the topic of today’s essay - the fact that I used to be a big ole crybaby. Sadly, the sniffles didn’t translate well into audio form without me sounding like I was snorting.